to Impact Data

Introduction to Impact Data


Since our founding, ICA’s work has seen tremendous successes with companies that have grown to become cornerstones of a healthy Bay Area business community.

Over the last years, companies like Blue Bottle Coffee, Revolution Foods, Premier Organics, Give Something Back, and Ed Support Services, to name only a few of the companies we’ve watched grow, have generated revenues of over $200 million, created millions in employee wealth, and employ more than 2,500 Bay Area residents. Some of them have received sizeable outside investment totaling close to $200 million.

We are proud of their accomplishments, and of the examples they set for future cohorts of ICA companies.

However, in refining our model, ICA and Fund Good Jobs have also sought to intensify our impact evaluation to reflect the way we are supporting companies today. Thus, we have graduated the most mature ICA companies from our portfolio, essentially creating a “blank slate” on which to track our progress in new ways.

Starting this year, we are choosing to report only on the progress of ICA’s 2014 cohort of advised companies, alongside the Fund Good Jobs portfolio. We believe that this approach will allow us to better, and with full integrity, capture the work we do each year, highlighting the growth of the companies that we directly partner with, and holding ourselves accountable to doing good work year after year.